The Predictability of Old Films

Whilst I’ve been staying with my Mother this Christmas, I have come to a startling realization. I loathe old cinematography. Sure I can say that without it we wouldn’t have the films of our day and things would be vastly different, but this doesn’t change my overall impression of it, which in a word is crap.

But I only find it to be terrible for one reason; it’s far too predictable. I honestly sat down with my dear Mother and was able to work out what would happen in all of these films after 5 minutes of plot exposition. That irritates me, that film is so predictable, and its a trend that modern cinema happens to have kept all the way through the ages. Tenets that have, and probably always will be in cinema.

For instance: The villain never wins, good always triumphs.

It irks me, and I can’t help but watch all cinema and be working out the plot ahead of schedule, because some of it is so predictable. I yearn for cinema that grabs me, and that engages me because of inherent uncertainty or character struggles. A fantastic recent example is the film Inception, that had me guessing right until the very end, and I loved every minute of it.

Now there are exceptions to the rule, there always are, but these are generally Epic films, based on Epic tales, ala The Lord of the Rings films. And I can live with these, because they are engaging, utterly engrossing and drag you in, but I find that’s more to do with characterization and the depth of the worlds that are created, and the struggles you witness, that make you intimately familiar with the characters and make you want them to win.

This is why super hero films annoy me, greatly. Especially if you are familiar with the comics. Hero is generally weak of pathetic before hand. Becomes powerful, Defends city, Has confrontation, Family threatened, Hero is beaten, Hero overcomes self-doubt, beats villain, gets girl.

Just about every Super Hero film follows that plot line, and it is wearing thin knowing EXACTLY what will happen before it does.

So please, for new year, can we start pushing the boundaries of film and media. Lets see something different and new on our screens, something that is a fresh experience.


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