Post Christmas Blues and New Year Resolutions

I often find the start of a new year to be almost melancholy is some respects as a lot of people seem to end up with post Christmas blues. Perhaps you could write it off as being some kind of New Years Day hangover, but almost everyone seems to get so wrapped up in family times and the stuff that is going on, that abandoning it seems to get everyone into a very melancholy state of mind.

It’s something that I find rather hard to understand, as like all things the celebrations have to end, and, much like other people, my the end of the first week of January I will also be fed up with my family and will be craving a return to work and University.

I suppose a lot of Post Christmas Blues stem from thinking about new year resolutions, and evaluating how badly you failed in your last lot, but I attribute this more in part to people being far to grandiose in their resolutions, often choosing things that don’t fit well around their life.

A common one being: Learn a new language. Yet people don’t think about, when or how, or anything like that. Still I have some plans for my new year resolutions.

Starting with:

1. Blog more often – A goal I should achieve as part of Post A Day 2011

2. Experiment more with photography – I developed a passion for photography and this year I shall make an effort to do more, and take more interesting shots

Ah well, lets see how that goes.

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