Stressed? Chill Out!

So looking at today’s Daily Post topic, Stress is on the menu it would seem. I foresee hundreds of posts about people posting about how stressed their individual lives are, and how some of the minutiae has finally caught up with them and cracked their sanity enough to feel bad about things.

Why? Why do people let themselves feel stressed? It certainly isn’t conducive to productivity or work in any way shape or form. Generally speaking it simply makes your hearts work faster and drives you towards an earlier death.

I’ve often thought that people need to get a better grip on their stressful lives and simply cut out some of the crap that makes them stressed on a day to day basis. I’m almost positive that if you thought hard about the stuff that was making you feel stressed you’d find some way to get it away from you.

I have every excuse to be stress. University work, Starting a Business, Clients being pains, Rent, Family, money, a distinct lack of coffee in the house that will ultimately drive me to murder because I require sweet, sweet nourishing caffeine.

I could get stressed about these things, but at the end of the day, I choose not to, simply because there is no point. I can do as much to change the way these things work as I can to change the weather patterns of Space. So I don’t stress about them. I simply roll with the punches. Meditation helps me in this sense as it gives me a clear and objective free space in my mind which I can use to focus.

Perhaps it can be attributed to our constant information demand culture. Everything updating at once everywhere, and you start feeling out of touch with everything that’s going on.

Either way. Chill out, Grab a cup of Tea. De-stress. And most importantly have some fun! Hit me up for a chat and I’ll try to amuse you.

Or tell me how you manage your stress. I meditate, what do you do?


PS. I wasn’t joking, deliver the coffee or I swear I shall murder some people for their coffee supplies.

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