The Late Night

So I decided that if I ever actually go ahead with my crazy plan of starting a coffee shop that I would call it “The Late Night”. Seems like a fitting name to me, after all, given that I stay up so late at night I know that there is nothing better than the smell and taste of that first morning coffee. Or that 2am Coffee when you just can’t sleep. So that’s my plan. An after hours coffee bar. Who likes the sound of this? Comment if you do!

I’ve come up with a number of names like that for those whacky ideas that we all come up with at one point or another. Another classic one: If I ever own a pub, it’ll be called the Whistling Albatross!

The Whistling Albatross

The Whistling Albatross as Constructed in Minecraft

I think we all get those random and daft ideas from time to time, and for the most part I think they will never go ahead.

But for me, “The Late Night” Coffee bar is a dream I will hold onto for a while longer I think.

Dave (The Master of Midnight Coffee)

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