The Long Dark

Sometimes I really fucking hate winter. Everything is just so dark and dank and morbid. Grey skies and grey weather, with grey people, going to grey jobs. Everything is just GREY., and it is incredibly depressing. Honestly I can’t stand it. I really do wish sometimes that I could switch between homes in hemispheres so that I can have reasonably nice amounts of light all year round.

For the most part it’s just the light that bugs me. Mostly the sheer lack of it. When you wake up in the dark, and head home in the dark it does terrible things to your body clock. Honestly I find it almost impossible to deal with, especially given how broken my body clock already is.

I think that perhaps it’s time to either ramp up how roasted my beans are, or invest in a sun lamp.

And you all know how much I love coffee. Jeez I could honestly write an article about my love affair with coffee.

But while I love it, I really should cut down my consumption at this time of year. Mostly because I almost triple my caffeine intake over winter months.

I end up being permanently wired to the state where it makes focusing on anything major incredibly impossible, and that is no good when you have a huge project on for work.

But hey, even as I write this I’m staring at my coffee cup and think. Time for a refill, and on that thought, I shall just go and do exactly that.

Dave, the hater of grey.


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