The Day of Resolutions

Being the 1st day of the year 2012, now is the time where everyone will be declaring their new years resolutions. I’m sick of seeing the same ones year after year though. Everybody seems to have their fallback resolutions, stuff like ‘Go to the Gym’, ‘eat healthier’, ‘give up smoking’, you know the usual crap.

People seem to give no thought to their resolutions or simply abandon them when they get to hard. For once I’d like to see some creative resolutions, some that are attainable if some effort is put in. Something that is more interesting.

Now this post will simply be brief as It’s the first day of the year, but here are my resolutions.

  1. Increase my twitter following, by at least double.
  2. Visit 5 foreign countries in this year (The plans are already underway), and have a local beer in each of these places.
  3. Contribute some code to the general web design community.

Those are my resolutions for this year, things I want to achieve.

Let me know what yours are.


Dave the drafter of all resolutions.


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3 thoughts on “The Day of Resolutions

  1. sarahlake89 says:

    1. Finish the things I start (hobby projects etc).
    2. Keep posting on my own blogs and hopefully start my game vlogging again (if my computer starts working that is).
    3. Make more of an impact on the Internet by commenting and contributing more.
    4. Finish uni with a degree.
    5. Bug my landlord to get my kitchen cleaned so I can eat less junk food and get fewer takeaways and be able to make things from scratch whenever possible (come visit and I’ll make you muffins :P)
    6. Tidy my room and keep it tidy.
    7. Try to get a job and not give up the search.
    8. Find out what’s wrong with me medically and lose weight.

    Pretty much the norm, but meh. 🙂


    • Dave says:

      I like Muffins, I will be your willing slave for chocolate chip muffins. The last batch you made were delicious.

      I approve of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. A good well thought out list though. Make sure you do your best to stick to them all though Sarah!

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