The Return To Work

Or why I hate Holidays

Seriously, there is no more depressing feeling than that first day back in the office after a nice break. It kills me it really does. I’ve always hated it. Ever since High school and those long summer holidays.

The first day back is always Murder.

So much to be done, so much to catch up on. And no one has the will to do any of it. One of my colleagues face planted the desk when he discovered that over his 2 week christmas break he had somehow accumulated 600+ emails.

Me personally, I had to spend 3 hours reading over the development notes I had made as well as digging through code to work out what it was I was supposed to be working on. Not fun at all.

It always seems like the first week back is the hardest, because you have to try and pull that whole damn routine back together again. It kills my soul a little bit.

Either way, no more today.

My Brain is WAY too fried.

Dave the loather of the return to work.

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