C Cubed – A religion for the Modern Man

So I managed to spark a little bit of amusement among my friends the other day, by adapting the lords prayer into a prayer about Coffee. Now to those of you that know me, and even those of you that have read anything of this Blog, will know that I have a complete love affair with coffee. I adore it down to the last little bit of grounds in my cups. The flavors and the aroma’s. The joy of Coffee. But without further ado, I present to you The Coffee Prayer.

Our Caffeine who art in coffee

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Hallowed be thy Espresso.
Thy milk is steamed and thy cappucino done.
At home as it is in the coffee shop

Give us this day our daily Mocha
And forgive us our coding errors
As we have forgiven those who made errors before.
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from instant coffee.

For yours is the coffee and the caffeine and the taste
For ever and ever


-David Sivocha

So C³. “Coffee, Coding and Craziness”. So for the sake of Anja, who asked me to write a set of “Commandments” Here goes!


Image by @Doug88888 via Flickr

  1. Respect your beverage, For it contains water for life and caffeine for your brain.
  2. Take time in your Brewing. Rushing does not help, for a rushed coffee is a bad coffee.
  3. Have at least one crazy minute daily. Do something different. Something new.
  4. Write some code. Even it’s only to let the world know you are here. <?php echo “Hello World” ?>
  5. Be a good friend. Offer coffee to those around you. If you are making some, you could at least share.
  6. Expand your Cup. Pick up new skills, learn new things, TRY Different Coffees
  7. Bitter or Sweet, you sup what you make. Even if it’s not right, take joy in what you create.
  8. Drink to the last drop. Finish what you started.
  9. Judge not, the choice of Chai Soy Frappucino over Espresso. Some prefer complex, others minimalist. At the end of the day it’s preference.
  10. Drink not from the cup of another. Don’t be a douche. None of us like Backwash in our drinks.

So there we go. Enjoy your Coffee!

Dave, The Pope of the Way of the Caffeinated Bean.

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2 thoughts on “C Cubed – A religion for the Modern Man

  1. le half goddess Anja says:

    The more I read this, the more I find this abnormaly awesome. From the start I thought this’d serve for entertainment purpose only, but god, I mean Coffee, those commandments not only they are funny but also they fit into everyday of modern man. I say this user friendly religion thou hast created is a revolution! You should spread it to the world and you should definitely use it in your future coffeehouse.

    Le adieu, I shall prepare myself a cup of Holy Coffee! A.

    • Dave says:

      When I was writing them, I was aiming for general Zen rules for living that could be twisted to include coffee. Hence why they make so much sense.

      I’m glad you approve of them. Share them around with your friends!

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