A requiem for the Desktop Application

Cloud apps are making a strong headway on the desktop application front. And it doesn’t surprise me in all fairness. The ability to get at your data or documents, anywhere at any time is a pretty attractive prospect in my book. Especially given the number of offices I work out of, not having to carry around large external hard drives or masses of thumb drives is a pretty useful. Everything is becoming so App-centric. Web apps, with the required mobile apps to go with, it’s no wonder that this is happening.

Even I have switched over to largely using web applications or cloud applications. Google’s Apps are now my default document editors and email as well as being a damn good all purpose calendar. My invoicing and book keeping is done through Ronin App (Check them out by the way, fucking brilliant for project management and invoicing.

But the reason why I am writing the post like this is the introduction of a new service to OnLive.

Just briefly, if you aren’t familiar with OnLive, they provide high end gaming through the media of cloud computing. As long as you have a damn good internet connection you can play the latest games at the highest graphics without having a dedicated console or a PC, all you need is decent internet and a subscription. In my opinion, a damn good deal.

But as they announced last week, they have brought Windows and Windows Desktop applications like Office to the iPad. Your entire Windows Desktop and applications in the cloud. Running on machines far better than yours will ever be. And all you need is a decent internet connection.

Now that is impressive. Seriously impressive. And the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to simply use a tablet like an iPad on an Android Tablet and being able to call on the full power of a solid desktop anywhere in the world. And Heck, if you couple that with the fantastic Web App DropBox, you don’t even have to worry about your data on the go. It’s all there in the cloud.

Now the desktop won’t be dead for a long time, but I think we are finally starting to see the threshold tipping point where they are becoming less relevant. I can see a future where all processing is Cloud and Grid based. And I think I like that future.

But till I can get the Adobe Suite in the cloud, not for me yet.

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Dave the creator of cloud grids.

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