A little knowledge

I’ve always believed in the phrase ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. We’ve seen it in action, someone you’ll be talking to will have just 5% of the facts and fill in the other 95% with complete waffle, and if the person their talking to has even less information than them, then their convinced of that fact. And so the dangers progresses.

In my travels and conversations with people I’ve met a lot who love to talk about the current financial crisis. They like to discuss its problems and how we can get out of it, and they seek to give advice to others on how to conduct their lives. Things like ‘oh don’t make an investment, the markets are in the dump’ or ‘starting a business right now is a terrible idea!’ are thrown around carelessly without thought or knowledge.

Here’s the thing, turns out now is the best time to invest, think about it! If you invest ina market that in the dumps then the only way it can go is up. Sooner or later the economy will start thriving again, we’re not going to be stuck in a century long recession, it wont happen. Why? Because that how free market economics work.

See if you think about it then it seems to simple! It’s like Sherlock Holmes explaining to Watson why something that may seem preposterous at first is actually very ‘elementary’ when it’s laid out.

So as an economist here’s my plea to you, please spend a few hours learning about the state of the world. Even if you don’t care, because it’s those issues that affect your life, not the raid you WOW guild has planned for next Friday.

Knowledge will set you free, and until you gain it you are a slave. A slave to these ‘little knowledge’ people who will tell you anything as long as you listen and make them feel important.

Like I said, it’s so clear to see that your a slave now that I’ve explained it.

Elementary my dear <insert your name here>

Azmain is an economist who is a follower of Keynesian economics. He writes on a variety of social and economics issues on his blog, The Rosebud.

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