People who complain about privacy on Facebook need to shove it.

I am honest to god sick to death of people complaining about privacy on online services.

Seriously, if you are that bothered about Facebook privacy settings the solution is simple. Stop Using Facebook.
Privacy on line is a thing of the past, and we all are more than willing to give away more information that we perhaps should, but the obvious solution is to simply not give people the data. If you are willing to hand over the data, then you are at fault here. Not the services that you subscribe to.
If it's on the Internet, it isn't private.

If it’s on the Internet, it isn’t private. (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


Additionally, if you put all this data in the service and decide that you don’t like it, but you are unwilling to close your account “because of all your friends” then again you only have yourself to blame.
This should be a dead issue. If you give your data to people who make money through adverts, they will target you with adverts. If you don’t want them to do so. Stop using the “free” service that you are using. And I’d also say go and have a good look at the privacy policy of the websites concerned.
The  simple fact of the matter is that these services are free to you, because you are the commodity. And people will pay good money for a good database of people to advertise to because they are far more likely to get a solid ROI.
If you want privacy on line, you have to pay for it, because by paying for it, you are no longer the commodity for sale. End of story
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