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Responsive Design and Why it matters.

It still amazes me that in this modern world of smart phones and data tablets that there are still websites and web applications that don’t have mobile equivalents. And given these conditions it’s almost vital that they should.

With more and more users accessing the web via mobile devices on screens with smaller sizes than home monitors, websites break and this can prevent people from using the service. I find this is most commonly a problem on news sites that have a lot of data to display, but it could be worked around.

This is why I love responsive designs and fluid designs. Instantly scaling to fit the available screen space, and re-arranging content for devices with smaller widths.

Fluid designs in particular are not hard to implement when you are building using a grid, as all you have to do is change the stack order of elements when a display width is set.

As for responsive designs, that change dependent on the view port detected and the max width settings detected, it is as simple as using media queries to change the stylesheet that is used to present the data to the viewer.

After all as designers and technologists we are now having to cater to a whole new generation of devices that don’t always have access to all of the fancy elements we have gotten use to using.

After all, we have all been used to including non flash scripts for years (Though admittedly seen as HTML5 and CCS3 now have decent animation capabilities and Adobe has abandoned flash mobile that might become a dead medium soon).

But if we are willing to make exceptions for Elements on web pages, why aren’t we making exceptions for different viewing media.

Personally I recommend two brilliant CSS sets that can be used for creating fluid and responsive layouts are the incredible Bootstrap from Twitter and Foundation from Zurb.

I suggest if you do design work, you start using them.

Dave the creator of fluid sites

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The Zen of Simple

I really do love how as technology becomes more and more advanced and more capable of doing incredible things, the way we interact with them becomes so much simpler. Easier to use. It’s really an appealing concept.

Incredible power and fantastic abilities hidden behind a simple interface that even the least tech savvy grandmother could use in her sleep. It reminds me in part of those old Martial Arts films, with the incredible old, weathered masters, who hide within their heads centuries of martial arts knowledge.

Websites are always keyed into the idea of less is more (or at least the good ones do anyway). Negative Space and simplistic interfaces are defining keynotes of some of the biggest and best web applications that are out there. But the amount of technology working in the background to provide that can be simply mind blowing.

Take Google for example:

You go to Google.com and get one simple entry form. As you start typing you see results and suggestions for you. Wonderfully clean and simple and incredibly easy to use.

In the background though, your search term as it’s being typed is being passed through an AJAX query that, performs rapid database searches on both keywords and sentences which are then delivered back to the browser and parsed as you are typing. No waiting. No delay.

And the same is true of so much modern technology that we use on a day to day basis.

It’s incredible.

All this power at out fingertips and it’s all so easy to use.

We start to reflect it in our day to day lives with aspects like Minimalism, hidden drawers for items in the kitchen. As a species we enjoy these simple clean interfaces. They really do appeal to our sense of Aesthetic.

So if you are feeling stressed and need to relax and take things down to a simpler level, get some negative space in your life. A little bit of white space, and enjoy some simplicity for a change.

Dave (The Zen Master of the Simple Interface)

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Addictive Working

So I’ve noticed something else. As per my post of yesterday vis a vi Addictive Writing, I’ve noticed that this trend towards being unable to write without having an addictive substance in me, extends also towards regular work.

It’s most distressing to know that Coffee is my power source and if it’s ever taken away from me, everything I do will collapse underneath me. Even the simple pleasures of computer gaming, (I enjoy strategy games, and without coffee I can’t think strategy) will fall apart.

Perhaps this is something about out modern society. We are so used to having these amenities that boost various aspects of us that we actually need them now to create. We all have our poisons. I shudder to think what would happen to half the design world if we were unable to get our daily coffee fix.

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Even now just thinking about Coffee, despite the fact I have a cup next to me, makes me want more of the damn stuff. Perhaps I should write an Ode to Coffee. Yeah that sounds like a brilliant idea.

An Ode to Coffee

An image of a Cappuccino with a heart in the foam - Image from Google

I LOVE COFFEE - Image from Google

Oh great dark bean
You work my brain
and make me think

Peace out

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