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Vector Art

As much as I enjoy the holiday season, I will be glad to get back to my own home so I can complete some pieces of Vector Art that are waiting for me there. Unfortunately the holidays always seems to put a stop to work for some people, and in my case the biggest problem is the amount of travelling that I end up doing over the holidays seeing various family members.

Fortunately, this time is almost over, and whilst I adore my family (20 days out of 365), I will be grateful to get back to my on regular routine.

I’m looking forward to getting some vector portraits done though, and I will finally have a chance to start getting to grips with some more photography!

Either way, enjoy these examples of vector Portraits:

PS: If you’d like a vector portrait, in pop art style, drop me a line

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The Life of a Cynic

It has often been marked to me that I am a very cynical person, which is often bizarre in people of my age. Generally it is regarded that the 20’s are a time for people to be bright and optimistic, ready to face the challenges of life. And them you discover the occasional cynic in the masses, those who look at life and prefer to see the reality behind situations.

I’ve often associated such cynicism in myself with a strong desire for critique, and it has been said that I enjoy being a critic of life. I critique most things on a daily basis, and cover my critique with a cynical viewpoint on the way things are and should be and not as they are seen by most people.

It is often most noticeable in my identification with the villain in most films, and the ineptitude of titular heroes. It does irk me however that we rarely see the villain win, and that in drama there they are often let down by some stupidity on there own behalf. I rather believe that James Bond would have been dead years prior had I been one of the villains he had faced. No rattling off my plan while a laser slowly moves inexorably towards him, no, not for this man. Bond would have been split in twain in mere moments had I gotten him strapped to a table with a laser.

It does however rob some enjoyment out of aspects of ones life however, constantly seeing the real as it were. Though I despise when people confuse cynicism with pessimism. Though I find that this is more than made up for in the fact that the people around me, and those I cherish as friends, are often amused by my crushing satire of films, and daily life. I have become the guy you turn too when you want unburdened truth about what’s going on, and what should be done.

And that’s exactly the way I like it.

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