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C Cubed – A religion for the Modern Man

So I managed to spark a little bit of amusement among my friends the other day, by adapting the lords prayer into a prayer about Coffee. Now to those of you that know me, and even those of you that have read anything of this Blog, will know that I have a complete love affair with coffee. I adore it down to the last little bit of grounds in my cups. The flavors and the aroma’s. The joy of Coffee. But without further ado, I present to you The Coffee Prayer.

Our Caffeine who art in coffee

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

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Hallowed be thy Espresso.
Thy milk is steamed and thy cappucino done.
At home as it is in the coffee shop

Give us this day our daily Mocha
And forgive us our coding errors
As we have forgiven those who made errors before.
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from instant coffee.

For yours is the coffee and the caffeine and the taste
For ever and ever


-David Sivocha

So C³. “Coffee, Coding and Craziness”. So for the sake of Anja, who asked me to write a set of “Commandments” Here goes!


Image by @Doug88888 via Flickr

  1. Respect your beverage, For it contains water for life and caffeine for your brain.
  2. Take time in your Brewing. Rushing does not help, for a rushed coffee is a bad coffee.
  3. Have at least one crazy minute daily. Do something different. Something new.
  4. Write some code. Even it’s only to let the world know you are here. <?php echo “Hello World” ?>
  5. Be a good friend. Offer coffee to those around you. If you are making some, you could at least share.
  6. Expand your Cup. Pick up new skills, learn new things, TRY Different Coffees
  7. Bitter or Sweet, you sup what you make. Even if it’s not right, take joy in what you create.
  8. Drink to the last drop. Finish what you started.
  9. Judge not, the choice of Chai Soy Frappucino over Espresso. Some prefer complex, others minimalist. At the end of the day it’s preference.
  10. Drink not from the cup of another. Don’t be a douche. None of us like Backwash in our drinks.

So there we go. Enjoy your Coffee!

Dave, The Pope of the Way of the Caffeinated Bean.

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The Allure of the Bean

I don’t know why, but I find it very hard to walk past a coffee shop (especially a non chain shop like Starbucks) without nosing my head in. I’m a huge fan of my little coffee dens, and I take great pleasure in rooting out these hidden gems in towns. Knowing where I can get a damn good cup of coffee is a must for me.

I do feel sad though at how few of these places you can find, and how in so many of them, a good cup of coffee is merely the last vestiges of a dream. I hate it when people ruin a cup of coffee, because it doesn’t take much effort to learn how to make coffee properly.

Still you do occasionally find some absolutely fantastic hidden Gems. I still think one of my favorites was in Palermo in Sicily. A little back street coffee shop whose name I simply cannot remember, yet it was by far the single best cup of coffee I have ever had.

You kind of have to expect it in places like Italy and Sicily though. In fact you see it a lot more on the continent. Coffee is a way of life over there. Something to be savoured and enjoyed, something that needs to be done right every time.

Suggest to an Italian that he should have instant coffee and I’m pretty certain you’ll have made an enemy for life.

I’m often amused by the people who don’t understand mankind’s love affair with coffee, they’ve yet to understand the thrill of that first sip, and the subsequent energy that comes with. That and the taste and the smell. It’s a hidden thrill, and nothing is better than the smell of fresh ground bean. And the entire experience is damn addictive.

Dave (The Lord of the Beans)

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The Late Night

So I decided that if I ever actually go ahead with my crazy plan of starting a coffee shop that I would call it “The Late Night”. Seems like a fitting name to me, after all, given that I stay up so late at night I know that there is nothing better than the smell and taste of that first morning coffee. Or that 2am Coffee when you just can’t sleep. So that’s my plan. An after hours coffee bar. Who likes the sound of this? Comment if you do!

I’ve come up with a number of names like that for those whacky ideas that we all come up with at one point or another. Another classic one: If I ever own a pub, it’ll be called the Whistling Albatross!

The Whistling Albatross

The Whistling Albatross as Constructed in Minecraft

I think we all get those random and daft ideas from time to time, and for the most part I think they will never go ahead.

But for me, “The Late Night” Coffee bar is a dream I will hold onto for a while longer I think.

Dave (The Master of Midnight Coffee)

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Addictive Working

So I’ve noticed something else. As per my post of yesterday vis a vi Addictive Writing, I’ve noticed that this trend towards being unable to write without having an addictive substance in me, extends also towards regular work.

It’s most distressing to know that Coffee is my power source and if it’s ever taken away from me, everything I do will collapse underneath me. Even the simple pleasures of computer gaming, (I enjoy strategy games, and without coffee I can’t think strategy) will fall apart.

Perhaps this is something about out modern society. We are so used to having these amenities that boost various aspects of us that we actually need them now to create. We all have our poisons. I shudder to think what would happen to half the design world if we were unable to get our daily coffee fix.

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Even now just thinking about Coffee, despite the fact I have a cup next to me, makes me want more of the damn stuff. Perhaps I should write an Ode to Coffee. Yeah that sounds like a brilliant idea.

An Ode to Coffee

An image of a Cappuccino with a heart in the foam - Image from Google

I LOVE COFFEE - Image from Google

Oh great dark bean
You work my brain
and make me think

Peace out

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